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Responsive Web Design for the Future

A Website for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Are you losing potential leads because your website is outdated and hard to navigate on mobile devices and tablets? By the end of 2014, it is predicted that these devices will overtake desktop as lead source for online traffic. It is not only crucial for your business to be reachable on all platforms, but it is paramount to get ahead of the game before your competitors transition to smoother, easier to use websites because of this trend.

You need responsive web design. Gone are the days where your business can get away with a dumbed-down version of your website on an m.domain.com URL. With millions of smartphones and tablets being sold each year, it’s only a matter of time that your outdated mobile site will join the list of unusable websites. In fact, over 90% of mobile users will leave a site in seconds if it’s hard to navigate or isn’t optimized for mobile web traffic.

All of our custom websites are built to be responsive, meaning that it’s the same site on desktop, mobile and tablets. No need for an endless string of redirects and no need for a junky, less functional second site for mobile usage. We offer you one easy to navigate website, built for all devices and all types user preferences. Contact us today to get started on changing your website to meet the future needs of your customers.

Custom Logo Design for Any Business

The logo for your business is the foundation of branding. It’s not only your business name but it’s your identity. The colors, fonts and icons of your logo should reflect your business’s culture and serves as a lasting image of your company in the customer’s mind. Your company’s logo, like it’s brand, defines the customer’s expectations before they even do business with you. You need an accurate depiction of your company in a concise, relatable design.

It’s our mission to serve these needs by designing a custom, one-of-a-kind logo for your business. We leverage our experience in graphic design and brand management to provide you with the perfect logo to support your business. If you’re ready to ditch the old font-type and start relaying your company’s authority, contact us today and we’ll start designing your logo.

Brand Management for Business

It’s your identity and the first thing a customer recognizes even before the first transaction. Your brand is not just a logo slapped on your products or website, it’s foundation for relationship with your customer and the cornerstone for your company’s recognition. We offer an elite brand management service that puts your identity on everything you do. From internal documents to invoices, company gear to product lines, we maintain your brand every step of the way.

In managing your brand, we maintain what matters most to your business: the lasting impression with your customers and security of return business. We’ll use innovative techniques to drive brand awareness, maintain brand loyalty, and increase brand advocacy. After all, the most effective way to run a business is to secure the return of existing customers.

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